Current Shows- Bomb Happy

Bomb Happy is currently touring venues in Yorkshire this autumn…and the three remaining Veterans are touring with us!

“…it would be hard to imagine a more emotional experience at any Yorkshire theatre this season.” Charles Hutchinson, York Press


About the play

“I haven’t seen anybody dead before and we’re in the water wading to the shore and we’re literally brushing against…. bodies rolling in the surf – people that we know…eighteen, nineteen year olds –they’re people that we know…”

Evocatively built from the verbatim testimonies of the last remaining York Normandy Veterans by playwright Helena Fox, this important new play immerses you with surging immediacy into the lives of five ordinary young conscripts as they set out for Normandy, allowing you to experience through their eyes events of D-Day to VE Day, events that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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Photo: Michael. J. Oakes

“Bomb Happy follows each veteran’s journey from the D-Day landings to VE Day, and through battles in between to liberate Europe, and the drama of conflict acquires even more impact from highlighting the long-term impact of conflict stress/post-traumatic stress disorder on both veterans and their families.” Review, York Press 

Yorkshire Tour Dates 2017

6th October               Helmsley Arts Centre                              7.30pm

13th October           Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond 7.30pm

26th October             Pocklington Arts Centre 7.30pm

10th November        Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax 7pm

16th November        Junction, Goole                                     2.30pm

24th November        Otley Courthouse, Leeds                     7.30pm

Rehearsal photos from whole cast first rehearsal

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Photos: Michael J Oakes   Cast: Carl Wylie, Joe Sample, Thomas Lillywhite, George Stagnell, Beryl Nairn & Adam Bruce

Bomb Happy brings to life the verbatim first- hand accounts of the last five York Normandy Veterans (interviewed in 2016) , Smudger, Hank, Cookey, Bert & Merry, telling the story of the D-Day Landings and the battles to liberate Europe from the point of view of these raw young conscripts- lads from York, Leeds, Sheffield and London.
Having finally received the highest accolade for their bravery from the French Government over seventy years later in 2016 through the presentation of the Legion D’Honneur medal, the play also touches on the lifelong impact of that iconic day for these incredible men, now in their nineties and living in Yorkshire.
Bomb Happy is a verbatim play, written by Helena Fox, from the recorded interviews and personal memoirs of the last five York Normandy Veterans and produced by Everwitch Theatre in partnership with Helmsley Arts Centre. The play originally came about when the Veterans voiced their concern that their experiences – a critical moment in British History where so many young men lost their lives – would die with them.





What the audience said at our rehearsed readings 2016:

Evocative and involving- superb!”…. “A brilliant and moving insight into what it was like for the fighting soldier…. mixing the soldiers humour with the horror of war.” ….“ Immersive and engaging … I’d like to see this up at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017- please!” …”Brilliant performances!”…

“spellbinding”…”evocative, emotional and thought provoking- a wonderful script, so well written.”….” the actors were brilliant- their delivery spot-on.”

“The stories were strong, the accounts so vivid”…”moving and very impressive. The young men were brilliant in the way they told the stories you’d woven together so well.”

“I really enjoyed tonight’s reading of Bomb Happy. You did a great job of telling the stories, mixing the soldiers humour with the horror of war. The actors were brilliant. ” 

“Thoughtful, meaningful script with a beautiful message.”… “A moving legacy to the lives of real life war –heroes.”.

Ex- soldier’s feedback: “I felt as though I was there. I’m an old soldier myself with service in conflicts ( 1st Gulf War, Bosnia and NI)- I understood all those old voices. Thank you.”

Meet the real soldiers behind

“Bomb Happy”


R to L:  Ken ‘Smudger’ Smith, Ken ‘Cookey’ Cooke,  Dennis ‘Hank’ Haydock,  Albert ‘Bert’ Barritt and George ‘Merry’ Meredith.  Photos courtesy of BBC Historian and Presenter Paul Reed

“The five veterans had voiced their concern that their experiences would die with them. Helena Fox has honoured them, both the young men who never came home and the veterans, by telling the old soldiers’ stories in verbatim form, giving equal measure to all five. Fox said everything they wanted to say, the veterans said immediately afterwards at Helmsley Arts Centre on the opening night, visibly touched by what they had just witnessed.” Review, York Press


 UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET THE VETERANS…..they’re on tour with us! The now three remaining York Normandy Veterans together with the wives & widows of Veterans whose testimonies appear in the play,will be in attendance at all venues this Autumn. Please come and say hello to them after the show!




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