Reminiscence for Well Being

2020- 2022: Follow in our Footsteps/ A Stroll down Memory Lane

During the pandemic we have been providing Reminiscence for Wellbeing sessions for York Normandy Veterans through the Follow in our Footsteps/ A Stroll down Memory Lane Project.

As part of this project we have worked with The Yorkshire Air Museum, InkBlot Films and actor George Stagnell to allow the participants to record some of their memories from World War Two during a visit to the museum. These recordings now form The Veterans’ Trail at the museum.

Interpretation board at the start of the trail ©The Yorkshire Air Museum



Click on the veterans’ keepsake objects found inside to unearth four videos.

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“1943, December, just before Christmas when they send me the letter saying “Come here, we want ya!” Eighteen, yeah. Go up to Richmond, my Mum and Dad come down the station, see me off. Had a little case, battered it was, been in the family years, sort of thing I could carry my gear in and go up to Richmond. We started our six weeks training then.” Ken Cooke, D-Day Veteran and participant in the project.

The four videos inside the trunk are just a small selection of reminiscence recordings from this project.

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Reminiscence for Wellbeing

The reminiscence sessions that we run aim to support the mental wellbeing of World War Two Veterans & their wives & widows during the pandemic, providing regular contact with participants at this difficult time. The socially distanced sessions, some of which have involved a local stroll or visit to a park or open space, including Duncombe Park, Eden Camp & Yorkshire Air Museum, provide important opportunities for connecting, interacting & sharing life stories.

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