What The Sea Saw


“Evocatively powerful, poignant & engaging- a true story set in Scarborough that will resonate with lifeboat communities all around the country.”

Set in Scarborough’s Bottom End and capturing the verbatim first hand testimonies of remaining members of Scarborough’s historic fishing families, this captivating new play by Helena Fox tells the story of the tragic events of the Lifeboat Disaster of 1954 through the eyes of those who witnessed it.

The writing of this play was originally funded through an Arts Council Research & Development Grant, allowing playwright Helena Fox the opportunity to spend time with the fishing community in Scarborough’s Bottom End, undertaking oral history interviews with fishing families who have lived and worked there for generations.

The play captures the lost cultures and working practices of the fishing community, including the role of women in skeining and baiting, and the intrinsic relationship with Scarborough’s RNLI, as well as documenting the events of the disaster, a tragedy which shook the town and its fishing community.

A Rehearsed Reading was performed on Feb 14th 2016– Stephen Joseph Theatre

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