What The Sea Saw


Following a successful rehearsed reading at The Stephen Joseph Theatre of this new verbatim script for Coastival 2016, plans are now afoot for a site-specific performance at Scarborough’s new Lifeboat Station in 2018.

Set in Scarborough’s Bottom End and capturing the verbatim reminiscence of remaining members of Scarborough’s historic fishing families, this captivating new play by Helena Fox  explores the history & culture of this longstanding community through the eyes of those who witnessed the Lifeboat Disaster of 1954.

Rehearsed Reading, Feb 14th 2016– Stephen Joseph Theatre


Sally Sheader- Kate Cawte,  Rachel Jenkinson- Cathy Breeze, Tom Rowley- Paul Kynman, Fred Normandale- Robert Angell, Lindy Rowley MBE- Jayne Hollington, Marge Crawford- Heather Linley, Connie Crawford- Michele Hopley, Jim Sheader-Dan Henley & Shirley Rowley- Tina Carne.

Writer- Helena Fox

Dramaturgy- Alex Chisholm

Director- Madeleine O’Reilly

What the audience said:

‘Evocative, fascinating, moving’

A beautiful and moving story’,’ powerful, poignant & engaging- absolutely loved it! Thank you!’

 ‘ Very moving. Beautifully written. Important to keep these testimonies’  

‘Although a Scarborough story it will resonate with other Lifeboat communities around the country’

‘Encapsulates the characters,life, times and atmosphere that has almost gone… at a time when so many communities are disappearing it is fantastic that you have captured these hard working lives.’

‘ A great mix of humour, pathos, light and shade. Excellent.’

‘ Completely captures the world of the Bottom Enders.’

‘ Brilliant performances.’ ‘many moments that provoked deep emotions ‘

“Really hope there will be a full production of this at Coastival next year!”

“Should be on Radio 4.”

‘  A Must- See! (tissues required!)…It’s going to be a Scarborough classic for sure!”